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    Rules for Mranao Akeh Look a like (Boys Division)

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    Rules for Mranao Akeh Look a like (Boys Division) Empty Rules for Mranao Akeh Look a like (Boys Division)

    Post by Mranao Akeh Admin on Sun Jul 19, 2015 9:03 pm

    Following rules is exception. We avoid a lot of things. This is how it cycles for Mranao_Akeh:

    1. This forum is connected to Mranao_Akeh Facebook Fanpage. (Link:  

    2. We select random people's pictures which have the beauties of real maranao's exposures. 

    Take note: If you have a friend or anyone that you think who looks like one of those famous celebrities. We would like you to know that we also accept submitted pictures from people(Send it through Mranao_Akeh Facebook Fanpage):

    But there's a rules to be followed(See below):

    1. Must be from a Maranao Tribes (can be half Maranao). 
    2. 2 to 4 Pictures of him. 
    3. Avoid collage pics like super colorful edited by any apps Camer360 and etc.
    4. Eyes, Lips, Nose should be shown. 

    3. Avoid entertaining questions from the Mranao_Akeh Look a likes:

    • Asking what's his name, surname or even nickname is prohibited
    • Asking from what province is she/he's is prohibited

    *The thing is. We don't care what's his name. We are not pimping anyone from here but we are just trying to show the real beauties of Maranao. Mranao_Akeh is the website name. because of confusing beauty of Maranao's mistakenly dopplerganged by celebrities. Be proud you are Mranao.

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